Our educational curriculum is inspired by children’s inquisitive nature, thirst for knowledge and natural desire to learn.

At Kin, your child will experience an engaging and comprehensive learning program including music, drama and art, as well as languages. Literacy and numeracy learning opportunities are integrated into every aspect of our educational program.

We believe that every interaction, transition and routine is a learning opportunity. Children learn best in play and inquiry based learning environments where they are supported and extended by passionate and professional educators.

The Curriculum at Kin is based on the National Early Years Learning Framework.

The framework guides our planning and evaluation of children’s learning experiences and provides a basis for ensuring that our centre, intentional teaching, relationships and practices provide children with the ideal environment for learning.

At Kin we foster connections to the natural world by nurturing children’s understanding and respect for the environment.

Our indoor and outdoor learning environments are specifically designed to enhance children’s interest and connection with nature while supporting their physical and emotional development. Our outdoor learning environments are designed to incorporate sustainable approaches where children learn about the herb and vegetable gardens that are used in everyday cooking, the worm farm, recycling stations, native plant gardens and the mud kitchen.

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